Walravens & Zorin (2017), The Āli-kāli

Hartmut Walravens, Alexander Zorin. ‘The Āli-kāli Trilingual Syllabary Brought by D. G. Messerschmidt from Siberia and Edited by G. S. Bayer in 1728’. Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies Vol. XXI, 2017 (国際仏教学大学院大学研究紀要 第 21 号 平成 29 年), 183–241. [official repo] [PDF]

Ālikālivijahāra a.k.a. Dbyangs gsal bzhugs a.k.a. Lingva Tangutica prima Elementa (Walravens & Zorin 2017:235)

Ringpapontsang (2016), Qubilai & ’Phags pa

Ringpapontsang, Tenzin Choephak. 2016. ‘Conquering the Conqueror: Reassessing the Relationship between Qubilai Khan and ’Phags pa Lama’. PhD diss., Australian National University. 251 pp. URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1885/114562 [PDF]

NB: Contains translations of the basic text of ’Phags pa’s Advice to a King and a commentary, Shes rab gzhon nu’s Rgyal po la gdams pa’i rab tu byed pa’i rnam par bshad pa gsung rab gsal ba’’i rgyan, Sa skya bka’ ’bum, TBRC W22271. (Many citations in the notes are to cut & pasted URLs, rather than robust conventional citations to published works.)

DPS Kanjur: Them spang ma & Peking blockprints (2010)

Outrageously expensive scans of basic material for the study of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism:

DPS電子仏教文献データ 『ギャンツェ・テンパンマ・カンギュル写本DVD』 470,000円

DPS電子仏教文献データ 『北京版カンギュルDVD』 370,000円 [prices from Kawachen]

Digital Preservation Society. Tempangma manuscript of the Kangyur. 113 (? out of 114) volumes. PDF files, distributed on DVD. Shinagawa, Tokyo: 2010. US$4,700.00 (Including shipping) [sample]

Digital Preservation Society. Peking Kangyur. 107 volumes. PDF files, distributed on DVD. Shinagawa, Tokyo: 2010. US$3,700.00 (Including shipping) [sample]

See also the Digital Preservation Society’s PDF flyer in English.

Tempangma manuscript of the Kangyur (Digital Preservation Society PDF)

Meinert, ‘Buddha in der Jurte’, forthcoming (2011)

Meinert (2011), Buddha in der JurteCarmen Meinert (ed.) with contributions from Andrey Terentyev. Buddha in der Jurte: Buddhistische Kunst aus der Mongolei (Buddha in the Yurt: Buddhist Art from Mongolia). Hirmer Verlag, forthcoming (October 2011). “~750” pp., ~550 Illus. ISBN: 978-3-7774-4231-0.

Official Description
As Buddhist art reached 17th Century Mongolia, it became an established element in the life of believers. These volumes show a representative selection of exquisite objects from a singular private collection and reflect the range of influences from Tibet to the Manchurian Qing dynasty.

[Multi-volume set; to be published in English/Russian and German/Mongolian]

Jovic, ‘The Cult of the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’ (2010)

Nika Jovic. The Cult of the ’Go ba’i lha lnga: A Study With Pictorial and Written Material of the Five Personal Deities. M. A. thesis, Universitat Wien, 2010. 148 pp. [official site / PDF]

This thesis contains editions and translations of several Tibetan ritual texts: the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’i bsangs mchod by Ku saʼ li dha rma ba dzra (A), the ’Go baʼi lha lngaʼi bsang chog by Ku sa li dha rma ba dzwa (B), the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’i bsangs chog by the Ku sa li dha rma ba dzra (C) ‘Go ba’i lha lnga’i bsangs mchod by Ku sa li dha rma bdzra (D), the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’i bsangs mchod by Su pra mi dha rma ba dzra (E), the Lha lngaʼi gsol mchod bsod nams dpal skyed by Zhor sngags smyon (F), the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’i gsol mchod bsang dang bcas pa yar ngoʼi zla rgyas zhes bya ba by Ka rma ngag dbang yon tan rgya mtsho (G), the ‘Go ba’i lha lnga’i gsol mchod phen bdeʼi ʻdod ʻjo zhes bya ba by bTsun gzugs bLo bzang chos kyi nyi ma (H) and others.

From the Introduction

The following work is based upon my research on transcendental beings (Tib. lha) who belong to the category of Tibetan protective deities (Tib. srung ma). Continue reading “Jovic, ‘The Cult of the ’Go ba’i lha lnga’ (2010)”